Window Washing Fundraiser

It wasn’t a laser that blinded the pilot of that 747, it was all those clean windows from hosting a Window Washing Fundraiser. With April and May bringing in that rain, there are businesses and homes all over town needing their windows cleaned. This is a great opportunity to host a fundraiser.

Summer is here, schools out and for the moment it may seem like you can’t host fundraisers to raise funds for school activities, but that is so far from the truth. Summer is a great time to rouse volunteers to come to the aid of their schools. Not everyone gets a summer vacation so take advantage of it and get this fundraiser in full swing.

Start by putting together a flier announcing a Window Washing Fundraiser. Mention that even though school is out for the moment, the upcoming school year will need funds to take care of all the school activities and events which will be held throughout the year. Leave a number for contact and the date the window washing will take place. Have a set fee in mind, but don’t be afraid to encourage donations too.

Now find your volunteers. Beg, plead, cry, or shout whatever it takes to get young and old to participate in this days event. Search out your friends, family, church members, grandparents, and students who aren’t out on vacation and get them to donate their time to help wash windows.

As the calls come in for a window washing, assign people to take care of that specific job. It may require more than a few, depending on the size of the home or building needing their windows washed. No high rise buildings as safety and city codes could come into play.

Start collecting buckets, rags, paper towels, newspapers, trash bags, window cleaners and water hoses. Places like Lowes, Home Depot, Wal-Mart, K-mart and Target might be approached and asked for donations of items needed for this fundraiser.

Most of these businesses like to have their name associated with school activities as it drums up business for them. If you can’t get donations, then ask your volunteers to bring what they have. If big businesses do donate goods for this fundraiser you can do a write up in the newspaper after the event extolling their contributions, and how it helped to raise funds for the schools and how much it was appreciated.

This fundraiser provides a service for the community while building funds for the schools. It’s a pro-active approach to lessening the burdens of out going finances many schools are experiencing right now.
As a thank for all the volunteers, arrange for a cookout to take place at the local park. Keep it simple by having sodas, hot-dogs, and chips. Let your volunteers celebrate their hard work by offering certificates of appreciation and have a drawing for a couple of gift cards to some store, movies or local event.
This fundraiser could be done a few times during the summer months.Nothing says clean and shiny as a well washed window does.

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