Weight Loss Fundraiser

A new year is upon us. As with new years come the resolutions to be and live better. People are determined to change their life around, so this is a great time to host a “Lose Weight and Feel Better Competition Fundraiser”.

Start by getting your local fitness clubs, centers, and gyms involved. Make known this is a fundraising event and would they be willing to donate their place for weigh ins. Go about promoting this fundraiser as a community life changing event and see what happens. The participating fitness people can even amp up the perks of this fundraiser by giving incentives to be the biggest pound dropper or the person who loses the most body fat.

Prizes could include things like a year’s membership to their business or a day at the spa. The fitness companies can even pledge so much money to the fundraiser if so many pounds are lost by the end of the month. Once their donations are decided upon you can start promoting the fundraiser.

Place an ad in the local paper, sending out eye catching fliers, if you have a local radio station, do an on air advert for the fundraiser. Spread the word throughout your town/city anyway you can. The more who respond, the more funds that will be raised. Promote those prizes as well, build up the excitement for this fundraiser.

Have those who participate find people who will sponsor them for so much money, for every pound they lose in a month. The more sponsors they find the more money brought in. Get the local health communities involved by asking them to donate so much money towards your fundraiser, for the total weight loss of everyone as a whole. You could funnel some of those funds into PE equipment for the school!

Invite local businesses to encourage their staff to take part in this fundraiser. Have them match so much money for the total weight loss of their company and donate it to the fundraiser at the end of the month. It doesn’t need to be lots of money, just an outward showing of support for the community. These businesses could even offer up incentives for their workers who take part. Things like certificates for dinner out or to a movie. The business could even host a company picnic at the end of the competition.

Encourage parents to take part with their children. This is a great way to prevent obesity taking over their child/children’s life. Parent and kids can get other family members, friends, school buddies, workmates and so on to sponsor their weight loss. Make it a time to learn about healthy meal planning and get everyone involved in purchasing healthier foods and making life style changes.

Of course, with any sort of weight loss, be sure to seek the advice of your doctor. Have a physical before you start so he/she can be aware of what is going on. Perhaps you can get your doctor to sponsor your weight loss as well. Look at each person as a potential sponsor for this fundraiser.

At the end of month have everyone who weighed in at the beginning, meet for the finally weigh in. The person who has the biggest weight loss wins a prize and the person who lost the most body fat wins a prize. This fundraiser is one that can truly raise a considerable amount of funds for whatever cause if promoted right. It’s a great fundraiser to educate and to encourage people to get on a living better kick.

One last thing you can arrange for this fundraiser is to have on hand at the weigh in site, doctors, nutritionist, and fitness teachers who can give advice and help in keeping everyone on track with their new way of living. Have pamphlets, medical sheets, and goal charts ready for anyone who wants one. Keep the “Weigh Less” mentality going.

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