Toddler/Child Pageant Fundraiser

It’s got it all, glitz, glamour and beauty. This isn’t the Miss American Pageant though, this is the Toddler/Child Pageant Fundraiser. This event is to be about fun even though it will be a competition. Good sportsmanship coupled with some good ole team spirit.

For this pageant, it’ll be about winning the crown, ribbons, and prizes. Any money earned will  go towards what it’s intended for, and that is the school. To host this fundraiser here’s a few tips to get you started on your way.

1.  Select the location of the fundraiser. You want to be able to add a temporary runway, so there needs to be room for that, as well as seating. If your town has a theater or you have a community center, these will probably be the best locations, unless you can host this in one of the school auditoriums where the stage can be utilized. Once your location is secure step two comes into play.

2. Select the crowns or tiaras, 1st, 2nd, and 3rd place ribbons for each category you’ll have in the competition and prizes for the first place winners. Divide into age groups. Example: Toddlers, Age 4, Age 5, Age 6 and Age 7. I’d have an age cut off so that things can run as smoothly as possible without to many hours spent going through several other age groups. You’ll need ribbons for each age group, so take that into consideration when purchasing them. A crown or tiara will need to be bought for each category as well.

You might want to consider purchasing special ribbons for everyone who participates so they’ll receive something for taking part in the competition. Purchase age appropriate gifts for the 1st place winners in each age group.

If you can find someone willing to donate gift certificates say to Putt Putt, pizza place, movies, water park etc, for everyone who participates, then everyone will receive a nice gift regardless of their placing or not.

3.  Now you’ve got the location and the awards in order, it’s time to run an ad for the fundraiser. First and foremost this is about raising funds for the schools so be sure that is known when placing your ad, then play up the pageant theme.

4. Place your ad. List the categories and age groups, then list how many positions will receive honors. Make note that a tiara or crown will be given to the winner of each age group, in each category you include in the pageant. You might mention that every participant will receive a ribbon for entering and (if you’ve secured gift certificates) that each toddler/child will receive a small prize. Then list the amount of money you decide on to enter the competition.

The more you can do to and offer, for those who win, the more moms will be willing to donate funds to enter their child in the competition, then the more money you’ll raise for the schools. So really put a lot of thought, energy, and time into creating a spectacular pageant.

Don’t forget to list the day and time the pageant will be held. Encourage those who enter to arrive early enough to get their little beauties in order and ready for the competition.

5. Have some refreshing drinks on hand and snacks for the kids who’ve entered. You don’t want them getting to fussy because they’re thirsty or hungry.

6. Select judges. Don’t have anyone on the panel who is related to any of the participants. You might think about asking local beauty pageant winners to judge the competition or someone on city council.

Now things have been planned out. Do a walk through with the moms and kids the day before the event happens. Collect all the awards, gifts and things needed. Designate different jobs to volunteers so you aren’t so stressed out. Cross things off the list as they are completed.

Set up creative donation boxes for extra donations. Make a sign for each stating that donations are going towards activities or needs throughout the year for kids in the schools. Have volunteers man those locations donation boxes are set up at.

Okay you’re ready. Get your best MC voice together and enjoy the pageant. Have fun, remember to smile and be free with the ‘thank-you’s’ and ‘oh don’t you look pretty’s’, while smiling at the moms. This is going to be a successful fundraiser.

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