Soap Maker Fundraiser

Here’s a fundraiser which will get kids washing behind their ears and more. Not only will this fundraiser be fun, but it can be one students help in doing. So gather up those non toxic bars of soap, food coloring, molds and other non toxic soap supplies to get started.

Do the literal soap making at school with the students. Here’s one recipe and what you’ll need:

Cold process soap (recipe address below)
Heating element
Medium size pot
Wooden spoons
Whole milk or distilled water
Essential oils
Additives like grains, botanicals, and colorants
Plastic container with lid
Different style of soap molds

These items will make your soap base before anything else takes place. You can find several great online sites for safe soap making with kids – ingredients can also be bought online at a great discount and maybe you can get one of your town’s big companies to sponsor the soap event so all kids can participate.

Since there will be a melting process and heat involved, this part of the soap making should be done by the teacher or adult volunteer. Have the students pick one or two soap molds before hand, so that when the melted soap is ready to mold they’ll have their choice at hand and then can add their color and scent to it. So they’ll need to have their scent (if desired) and color selected as well.

For the packaging of the soap, you might consider gauze or cheese cloth. It can be tied with a bit of raffia to add to the homemade feel. Have the student then attach a created by name tag to it. If each student does two or three soaps you’ll have a nice supply for your soap fundraiser.

After all the soap making is done, it’ll be time to start promoting the fundraiser. Send out notices announcing the sale and where it will be taking place. You might be able to get your local “Bath and Beauty” store to host the sale for you. You can promote the sale by having some of the students hand out fliers to businesses close to the store where sale will be held. Let all who comes know the proceeds are all going towards the school’s fundraiser.

There’s many ways to approach a fundraiser like this. You’ll just need to work out what will work for your school and environment. People love home-made things, especially soaps, so promote this one big time. The students will enjoy making the soap and packaging it as well. This fundraiser could lead to other home-made projects and fundraisers.

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