Sand Art Fundraiser

Bring the beach indoors for a kid-approved activity that’s fun, creative, and fit for fundraising. Sand art can take many forms, from solid sculpture to textured pictures, but the easiest, cleanest form of all is bottled sand art. This art form allows a lot of imaginative expression from the kids, thus creating a heartening end product that parents and guardians can proudly display in the home and office.

First you will need to gather the art supplies. Containers for bottled sand art can be either glass or plastic; however, you may need additional chaperones for the activity if using glass bottles in a class of younger students. Ask parents and other community members to donate small jars and other decorative see-through containers. Bottles with lids are best, but any that don’t have lids are still usable.

The local arts and crafts store may donate the colored sand to you. If you are only able to get a donation of plain sand from another company, don’t worry; the kids can color it! Partly fill plastic baggies with sand, and then shake them after adding a dab of food coloring to each. Lay the sand out flat to dry thoroughly afterward. Another option is to place a thin layer of sand on wax paper and roll over it with colored chalk.

To truly individualize each piece of sand art, gather small ornaments and decorations for the inside and outside of the bottles. Craft supplies such as small jewels, seashells and faux flowers can be added. These can either be donated from local shops or brought in by the children who are participating in the activity.

For the activity itself, set up small stations that groups of children can work from. Cover the table in newspaper and set out a container of each sand color. They can then use rolled paper or an actual funnel to pour layers of multiple colors into their bottles. Embellishments can be added by sticking them into the sand, and up against the glass, with a pair of tweezers, or glued to the outside.

For any jars that did not come with lids, place a small piece of fabric over the opening and secure it in place with a colored rubber band. Jewels and flowers can then be attached to the band.

The fundraising aspect of this activity is quite simple. If there’s a school or community event, display all of the bottled sand art together, along with a placard noting the program for which your organization is raising monies. People can then purchase pieces of sand art. In thanks to the community for their participation, you could also have each purchaser write their name on a paper star to stick to the border of the placard.

Display remaining pieces in the office or another area of the school that sees a lot of traffic from parents and caregivers, along with a small sign requesting their support for the program.

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