Lemonade Stand Fundraiser

It’s been seen throughout the years, kids excitedly calling out for you to stop at their lemonade stand for a refreshing drink. Sometimes to your dismay the lemonade might be a bit tart, but you don’t care…it’s for the kids. Well now is the time to play on those sentiments and turn that lemonade stand into a fundraising stand.

The same idea will be in play, but with the intent of raising funds for school. The summer months are hot and people who are out and about will take notice of a brightly arrayed and displayed lemonade stand.

This fundraiser should be designed to be hosted at several areas in the community, but it should be supervised by a grownup, letting the kids do the selling though. Their energy will draw in grownups.

Hitting high traffic areas would be the key to drawing in more donations to your cause. Places such as busy intersection corners, where you wont be in the way of traffic, community centers, business areas, neighborhoods, mall areas, clubs, grocery stores, really wherever you’d be allowed to put one.

Creative signs could be made that will catch the eyes of passerby. Images of lemons and photos of kids and adults drinking could be use to the stands advantage. Actual lemons placed on the stand in a bowl, anything to that says, “Cool and Refreshing.”

If you can find someone who is a good seamstress, you could have some costumes made up of lemons which volunteers could wear, while holding up a sign with some witty and cute slogan.

Have cute donation boxes made to look like lemons.  You could even make lemon-limeade as a secondary drink to offer. Whatever it takes to draw in crowds for this fundraiser in regards to a lemonade stand try to incorporate.

Some suggestions you could put into play before hand is: Advertise this fundraiser with gusto. Place an ad in the newspaper, put out fliers wherever possible. Contact the local fire and police departments and try to get them to stop by throughout the day.

For the stands the more simple, but eye-catching they can be, the better. Have ice chests at each of the stands. You can keep ice in the pitcher instead of the cups that way the drinks will already be cold.

Try making ice cubes of lemonade. By adding these to your mixture, you wont be watering it down. Have a small trash can set up for trash. You don’t want to leave your areas littered with cups.

This will be a fun, fundraiser if enough effort is put into making it appealing and interesting. Kids enjoy hosting lemonade stands so use their energy to promote sales for the school.

Once the fundraiser is over, be sure to gather all the donation boxes up. After the funds have been tallied you could put in a small ad in the newspaper thanking everyone for donating and state the amount raised.

While the summer months are hot, even into the early part of fall, you could host several of these events and raise more funds. You can adapt them by changing out lemonade for others things. The possibilities are endless.

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