Hawaiian Luau Fundraiser

Don Ho’s voice and hula dancers set the scene for this fun and festive fundraiser. No it’s not a trip to Hawaii, but it will be just as fun. Before school starts again, it’s a great opportunity to end the summer vacation with food and entertainment while hosting a “Hawaiian Luau Fundraiser”

Get started right away planning this fundraiser so it will draw in those crowds and be fun and entertaining.

Finding your location to host such an event can be hard, but it’ll need to be the first step you take before you can even plan everything else. If it’s not to hot where you live, try to find an outdoors area to host it. If the heat is scorching then seek an area where the floral and fauna can help set the tone.

You might check with your Chamber of Commerce to find the right location to host this. Since this is a fund raising event for the schools, by getting them involved could increase the effectiveness of raising money. Don’t hold back for asking if the area could be donated for the time the Luau takes place. Once your location is found, the planning begins.

Play up the “Fundraising” part by seeking food donations from local grocery businesses. Instead of burying a pig in the ground, opt for grilling pork and beef on grills with Hawaiian flavors. You can hit up local BBQ places to see if they’d be willing to donate their services for cooking the meats.

Now planning the decorating is serious. You want this luau to be as authentic as possible without actually being in Hawaii experiencing one. So plan ahead and do your research. Visit local craft shops, flower shops and decorating stores to see what they’d be willing to donate towards your Luau.

Lei’s, grass hula skirts, banana leaves, palm fronds, tiki torches, Hawaiian music, fishnets, shells and sand can help set the mood of the night’s luau. The more you can put into making this fundraiser feel as authentic as possible, the more interest you’ll draw and the better the donations may be.

Once all the planning is done, advertise your fundraiser. State that it’s for raising funds for local schools, who need help with having monies for those extra activities planned for their kids throughout the school year. Tug on those heartstrings of parents and grandparents, aunts and uncles.

In your advert for this fundraiser, encourage all to wear their best Hawaiian themed outfit (albeit modest outfit). State there will be a prize given for the best male and female outfit at the end of the luau.

Have donation boxes set up throughout the venue, overseen by trustworthy adults. At the entrance of the party have volunteers put leis around the neck of all who attend and have an area set up at the entrance for the entrance fee, which will cover all the food and entertainment provided for this fundraiser.

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