Go for the Grade Fundraiser

Who doesn’t like to be rewarded for good grades? A lot of hard work goes into study and learning. Earning a few dollars for those A’s and B’s are good incentives to strive harder in school too. So why not show your appreciation for all the hard work teachers do by hosting a “For the Grade Fundraiser”.

For every A and B a child makes on their report card, the school will get a small donation. Anything from 1 to 5 dollars depending on what your household can afford. This is a great way to raise funds for the school without a lot of expense going out to organize the fundraiser. An end of the year celebration can take place where it will be announced how much was raised during the school year by the students.

This fundraiser could also be an incentive for grade schools to host a friendly competition with each other to see which school can raise the grades of their students the most. Of course this will need to be an honest and fair competition, not giving A’s and B’s if they are not truly earned. Students need to be proud of their hard work by achieving honest grades. This can move many to actually learn to enjoy studying and seeing the progress of their hard work.

Start this fundraiser by getting with the PTA groups of each school. Create a flier proposing this fundraiser. On the flier state that this fundraiser is to raise funds for all the grade schools, but it is also a fundraiser which shows appreciation for all the hard work teachers invest in teaching children by rewarding all those A’s and B’s their child earns throughout the school year.

Include the information about the friendly competition between the schools on the flier. What parent doesn’t enjoy boasting about their child’s achievements at their school. Make mention of the end of the year celebration where the total amount of money raised will be revealed. You might have a few prizes set aside for the student who raises the most money and the teacher of the student who won.

The celebration itself will be a reward for all the parents, students and teachers. Each school should hold their own event with their own rewards. This way each celebration can be held in the school cafeteria where a fun meal can be served during lunch time. Certificates of participation can be given to all the students who had a part in raising the money for their school, and “Thank You” card could be give to the parents as an expression of gratitude for their donating. They truly will be the ones behind the fund raising of this event.

Fundraisers like this can be very productive in so many ways. It motivates the students to achieve better grades, it allows the students to give back to the school by their parents show of appreciation by making donations towards the fundraiser and it builds strong educational goals for raising the grades of students, as the teachers will be working hard to help the students raise their grades. Everyone involved will benefit from this fundraiser. Too this fundraiser is one every student can participate in.

Remember when implementing this fundraiser, to excite, encourage, and invite all students to do the best they can. Regardless of the grades, even if one or two come up from C’s and D’s by a grade, a great thing has taken place. So let all celebrate this fundraising challenge.

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