Gardening Supplies Fundraiser

The sun is shining, spring has arrived, and many parents at your elementary school are considering what flowers to plant in their yards or what vegetables to grow in their gardens this summer.  What a perfect time for a Gardening Supplies Fundraiser!

The location can be as simple as your school parking lot or another in a high traffic area.  If you do not want to worry about the weather, inside your school gymnasium is another good location.

You can sell your items at competitive prices and still make a profit if you deal directly with a gardening supply wholesaler.  If your committee for this event has bargaining skills, they can probably get the supplier to offer a hefty discount and maybe even free delivery.

Another way to work this fundraiser is to invite local nursery/gardening supply companies to buy a booth at your Gardening Supplies Fundraiser.  This way, they can sell their own products with your school getting a percentage on each sale and a booth charge.   Include yard art companies that sell pottery, (don’t forget local artists!) gazebos, or anything that can be connected to a Gardening Supplies Fundraiser.

You should consider charging a low entrance fee like $2 for adults over age 18. Other money-making ideas include:

* Sell raffle tickets ($5 each is usually acceptable) for a “wow” grand prize like the services of a yard design specialist, a water treatment like a waterfall or even a hot tub!  Naturally, you will want donated items or sold to your group at a huge discount to give you a solid profit margin. Grab some free publicity and use al celebrity from a local radio or TV station to pull the winner’s name.

* Seek other donated items for a silent auction like free yard service for six months, gift certificates from other garden stores, a new lawnmower or trimmer, a handmade bird house, or even large ceramic gift pots filled with tools, seeds and even bags of potting soil if the pot is big enough.

* Shoppers will get thirsty!  Don’t forget to include a couple of refreshment stands selling homemade beverages like lemonade, easy-to-eat foods and desserts served a small tables with chairs.

Kids can be create advertisement flyers that can be posted around town, carried into their parent’s offices, and handed out in their neighborhoods as they try to sell tickets.  Offer a prize to the student who sells the most.

While any fundraiser needs well planned, advanced publicity, for a Gardening Supplies Fundraiser it is especially important.  Have a committee design a press release for all newspapers, radio and television stations within a convenient drive to your elementary school.  Try and get press coverage on the day of your fundraiser for photos or live radio and television feed.  Be sure to follow up with a story about your grand prize winner!

With good organization, your elementary school can spring into action and make a Gardening Supplies Fundraiser a popular, yearly event.

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