Fish Fry Fundraiser

You’re walking down the street and catch a whiff of something delicious.  You’re mouth starts to water as those taste buds sound the alarm! As you’re reaching for the door to open it, all fades away into a mist – say it isn’t so! off. I know, I know it was only a dream, but what a good dream to play off of. This is the dream which brings about your fundraiser.

Call out those fisherman, fire up the grills and get those deep fryers going, this is your “Fish Fry Fundraiser”. The community is going to love this. Who doesn’t enjoy a bit of fish and chips?

As with all fundraisers this one has to be set up in accord with all laws and regulations that come with serving the public food, if any are about. Too, you’ll need to find a place to hold this tasty little bit of fun.

A good way to approach this fundraiser is to first check with the largest school in town and see if the “Fish Fry” can be held in a parking lot or sporting field which will accommodate a large crowd. If one can’t be found then another course of action is in order.

If plan A fails, move on to plan B which would be to contact your local Chamber of Commerce to see if there is any available space where a fish fry can be held. Be sure that the reason for this fish fry is announced at the beginning. You will find more people willing to offer help, space, and time when a fundraiser is being held for a good cause.

Once all the above is established send out a plea for volunteers via the local newspaper, clubs, recreation centers, friends and families to offer their grills, fryers, and equipment needed to host this fundraiser.

Take time to go by a few big grocery stores and see if they’d be willing to donate at least some if not all of the food items needed. Things like, batter mix for the fish, fried pickles, onion rings and so on. You’ll need fish, french fries, onions, pickles, hush-puppy mixes, jalapeños, anything needed to host this event. Don’t forget to get drinks and snacks. Napkins and cups would be others things you’d need too for this fundraiser.

Start collection newspapers to use as plates to hold the foods eaten. Go by local eateries and get ice donations in line, for the drinks. You don’t really need forks and knives since the fingers will do for utensils.

In your announcement for this fundraiser, encourage all to bring their folding chairs and tables, this way you’ll not need to worry about seating. It’ll be a bring your own chair and table situation, or they can sit on the ground or in their cars. Have a set fee in mind for those who come to this “Fish Fry Fundraiser”. One set fee will get them the all you can eat option, so make it a fair but decent price.

Have the food area set up as a buffet line. Such as fish, hush-puppies, fries/onion rings, fried pickles and so on. This will help keep the line moving as quick as it can. Have the drinks served away from the food area. If you got donations for drinks hopefully you’ll have gotten canned drinks or something similar so cups wont be need. The ice that was donated would be for chilling the drinks ahead of time.

Really pitch the fundraiser part of this event. These donations will be going to schools to help them out with the financial cost of projects or activities the schools don’t really have the funds for. So many teachers, students and schools have been affected by the economic
pinch, so this fundraiser can release some of the financial stress felt by the Education Board.

You might be able to get the Superintendent to give a talk about how the funds raised can help out and maybe give the parents an idea of where the funds will go. Most parents are concerned about their child’s education, even their extra activities they might be involved in. So make this about the fund raising, but let the excitement and deliciousness of the day be the resulting end to this fantastic fundraiser.

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