Day Care for a Day Fundraiser

Looking for a great opportunity to host a fundraiser? This one is sure to be a success when implemented. This fundraiser is for the moms. For a small fee, mom’s can enjoy a day with no kids, husbands or chores.

The cost for this fundraiser should include the price of a meal and snack as well as so many hours away from the kids. You don’t want it to be so expensive no moms will want to participate, but it needs to be enough so a decent amount of money is raised. Here is how it works.

Get with your neighborhood, mom groups, and even the community. Find a location where a daycare service can be set up for this day. Enlist the help of your older children, your husbands, relatives and friends. They will be the ones tending to the smaller children while the moms are away.

Some sort of waiver needs to be implemented to protect those tending to the kids and the location the fundraiser will be set up at. Not that anything is going to happen, but just to cover the basis. By having a waiver for the moms to sign will let them know they are leaving the kids at the fundraising site willingly and accept the fact accidents can happen. Those tending to the kids will not be held responsible, unless is was a malicious and intended action against a child.

Also, you’ll need to do an identification verification match with mom’s to kids. Take a photo of the mom with her children. Write the name of her kids on the back, their ages and a code that only the mom and kids will know. Give a copy of the photo to the mom and keep one on file.

When mom comes to retrieve her kids, the only way she can take them is by matching her photo to the one on hand and giving the code word to the person in charge of matching mom’s to kids. Her child/children will also need to give the code, so they need to keep it something easy that can be remembered.

The days activities for the kids can consist of many different things. Have older kids and grown ups assigned to watch over different age groups, to keep things organized and watched over well. Some of the activities that can be enjoyed are:

From ages 5 and up:

Movie viewing
Game station – board games and cards
Video game station
Coloring area
Finger painting area
General TV viewing

Toddler area:

Child friendly videos or movies
Child friendly toy area
Soft block and balls area
Small plastic slides and activity toys to climb on

These areas should be separate so that the smaller kids aren’t in the way of the bigger kids who tend to play a bit rougher than the littler ones. Make these areas zones and keep the ages assigned to each in their zone.

For a meal, keep it finger food friendly. You don’t want to spend a lot of time cleaning up and washing children, so keep things on hand that aren’t to messy, but are easily held by the kids.

Kid friendly foods: (Ask about any allergies and leave those foods out of the mix altogether)

Small peanut butter sandwiches
Hotdogs (cut into bite sizes for the little ones)
Boxed Juices
Canned soda
Boxed Milk
Apple slices
Raw Veggies
Banana slices
Cheeto puffs or some sort of plain soft chip

Plan ahead for this though. Visit wholesale warehouses to purchase these things in large quantities. Include the price of a meal and snack in the mom’s fee to cover these added expenses.

If a mom wants her child to take a nap, she’ll need to provide a mat, blanket and pillow for her child/children and a designated area will need to be set up for nap time at the fundraiser location. It would be good to put the kids down at the same time if you’re going to include this option in the package.

This sort of fundraiser can be held several times through the given year. Moms love having “mom time” away from everyone. You can set up some sort of agreement with wherever the first fundraiser was hosted.

Community centers, Church activity areas, Daycare centers are great places for this sort of fundraiser to take place. Most will have toys on hand and are already set up for children. Do bring in things that aren’t provided though. The more things to keep the kids occupied the smoother things will run.

Remember don’t be afraid to ask for voluntary donation time. Play up the fundraiser bit. Most people love helping out. So if the building is donated, make sure to clean it up and put things away. Leave the area better than what you found. This goes a long way in securing it for another time.

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