Crazy Memory Quilt Fundraiser


Memories are precious; they’re reflections of events from bygone days. Not so long ago, women gathered together to capture those moments within the stitches of quilts.  Taking pieces of clothes or cloths and recycling them into heirlooms of warmth. This ensured not only practical use, but quilts were a way to capture pieces of family history.
Recycling favorite swatches of clothes, cloths, blankets and curtains into memory quilts is still a good way to capture those special times in ones life today. This is also a great way to promote green living. Hosting a “Green Memory Quilt Fundraiser” is a golden opportunity to raise money for needed events, or causes.

For this fundraiser you’ll need three teams of volunteers. One team will take charge of handling the materials, another team will be responsible for putting the quilts together and the third team will do the promoting for the fundraiser and take in the suggested donations.
Team promoter: will take charge of setting up the event. They’ll need to decide how many quilts they’ll be able to make and get back to the customers within an allotted amount of time. This team will secure a location for taking in the materials; they’ll hand out fliers and put an ad in the local newspaper with the details for this event. It’s important to let it be known that all materials brought in need to be clean. State that the fabric to be sewn needs to be cut into the size squares they want the quilt made in.
Team promoter might also try to secure some donations of threads, sewing needles, sewing machines, tables and chairs by including local merchandisers in their event. As a way of thanks, specialized quilts can be made for each merchandiser who donates materials.
Team Materials: will be in charge dealing with the customers. They’ll take in the materials as the customers come in. Making sure to tag the materials with the name of each customer.
Team materials will also oversee each customer receives a receipt for their squares with the receivers name marked on it. Team materials will need to mark down if a customer wants their squares to be made into a baby quilt, wall hanging quilt or a quilt for the bed. Be sure to mark on the receipt their choice of quilt. Also get the specifics of thread choices.
Team sewers:  will oversee the construction of the quilts. Each sewer will be in charge of one quilt at a time. Once it’s complete, the sewer will bag it and notify the customer their quilt is ready to be picked up. Check to make sure the quilt has been paid for before passing it on.
Team Sewers will be in charge of making sure the customer gets the right quilt. Once the quilt is passed on to the customer another quilt can be started. This process can continue until all quilts are made and in the hands of the customers.
There’s a lot of time invested in creating memory quilts, so a price of no less than a hundred dollars should be set for creating these wonderful pieces of art.
This fundraiser can cover a space of time that is agreed upon by those hosting it.
Be sure to include family members in the process of creating these quilts. Start another tradition of quilt makers. Reignite the joy that comes from creating heirlooms. This is a great fundraiser if the moms at the school are members of a sewing club – crazy quilts are easy to make and don’t require years of quilting experience!

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