Bingo Night Fundraiser At Your Elementary School Gymnasium


Finding creative ways to raise funds for your child’s elementary school can be a little difficult, as there seems to be so many different kinds of fundraisers available to try! School administrators, teachers, PTAs, and parents can find a hundred different suggestions or plans to sell items on or offline, in order to raise funds for whatever the current need or project is.

While fundraising ideas are everywhere, many are shying away from the idea of elementary school age children selling items in order to raise funds.  It is sometimes very difficult for parents to find the time to take the children around to sell these items; in many small towns the pool of potential customers is small, and often the parents end up purchasing the products themselves.

Now just by utilizing the gymnasium at your children’s elementary school you can set up a great fund raiser that can either be a one-time deal or may even become a highly anticipated yearly event.

Bingo has been around for many years and is played in every state around the country and now you can turn this game into a fundraiser for your school.  Since many states regarded bingo as gambling there are things that you will need to keep in mind before doing this.  An example would be to offer donated prizes instead of cash prizes – getting local stores to sponsor your night of fun and games is usually not a problem.

Obtaining the products needed to play bingo for a fund-raising event is very easy and economical as well.  Most of these items that you will need can be purchased at your local large wholesale stores, where you might be able to wrangle a deal with the manager if you live in a small community. If needed, ask a local business to sponsor an online purchase of the supplies you need.

You will definitely need to begin by developing a flyer to encourage local businesses to donate items to give away as prizes during your bingo game.  Places to take these flyers to in an attempt to gain these donations can include but are not limited to:

•    restaurants
•    hotels
•    local attractions
•    movie theaters
•    the local mall
•    spas or salons

Gift baskets that the kids make themselves can also make for very good bingo prizes.  Parents and teachers can engage the children in conversation on what creative prizes can be given out. These ideas are sure to give you some great alternatives for your bingo night if your state law does not allow you to award cash prizes for fundraisers.

Deciding what you are going to charge for the bingo evening is another thing that you will need to discuss with everyone involved in there are a couple of different ways that you can do this.  You can either charge a certain amount per game or you can charge an entrance fee that offers unlimited play for the entire evening.  You can also charge by the amount of reusable cards that the bingo players are using.

Once all these decisions have been made you need volunteers to put all of the pertinent information on flyers and post them around town in areas that get high traffic so that you can get the most benefit out of the evening.  You may also want to make sure that you have enough volunteer parents to call numbers during play, check the cards of those who claim to have bingo, work the admissions door, help out at the concession stand (more money to be made for your children here), as well as pitching in for any clean-up that needs to be done afterward.  Checking cards, concession stand help and clean-up are all things that the children can help with as well.

Make a friendly bingo night a staple for your school’s fundraising efforts!

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