Basket Auction Fundraiser

Okay let’s be honest, who doesn’t have a closet full of those old wicker baskets because you didn’t know what to do with them? Now there is a reason to bring your baskets out, and suggest to your friends to bring theirs out as well. Why? You’re going to be hosting a “Fall Basket” Fundraiser.

This time of the year will bring about many occasions to put these revamped baskets to use. Dinner rolls, candies, fruits and nuts will soon be gracing the dinner table.  So put the call out. The money will soon be rolling in for your school.

This fundraiser will not need to cost anything if you’re frugal and brave enough to ask for help. Ask family members, friends, neighbors and the community to donate fall theme materials towards your fundraiser. Even ask for volunteers to help you out.

Some things you might ask for are fabric, batting, ribbons, glue guns/sticks, decorative (fall) glue on objects besides the baskets. Once you’ve done that, visit your local or nearby crafters, fabrics, and basket stores to see if they have any surplus or cast offs they’d be willing to donate towards your fundraiser.

Once you’ve got the supplies and help, set about redoing these soon to be festive baskets. Encourage your help (even students) to be creative, but put a lot of thought into doing quality work so these will sell well. Remember, keep it (Fall Themed) these baskets are meant to be used for this occasion every year.

Now that the baskets are done, another part to this fundraiser takes place. A “Basket Auction” will be held. Hopefully you can find someone to donate space so all the money earned can be channeled into the school.

Look around, does your local Chamber of Commerce offer places for free, when functions are held for raising money for the community? Does your school have space to hold the auction? Maybe the schools gym or cafeteria could host the auction. The Moose Lodge or Ladies Clubs could be another option. Be sure to play up the purpose of this fundraiser. You’re helping your community system out by raising funds for the school.

Once all this has been secured, start advertising your fundraising auction. Be sure you let everyone know it’s a Fall Basket Fundraising Auction. Use some of your students to show the baskets off when the caller puts them up for auction. Have other students box or sack purchases. Before the auction starts though be sure you display your selection of baskets to be sold so everyone has the opportunity to see what they might want to bid on.

Designate a specific location for collecting the money for each basket sold. An adult or two should handle this part of the fundraiser. Don’t forget to make fun bidding paddles to be used during the auction. A fall theme is in order for these as well. The bidders can take them home as a thank you for coming and participating. So take the time to make them festive. This is something the students can do before hand as well. Have them sign the paddles they create, so the bidders can see who the artist was who designed their bidding paddle.

There’s no excuse not to host this fundraiser now. The ideas are listed above. Perhaps they’ve even sparked further idea. The thing to do now is to get out there and be proactive for your school. Give life to those lonely old baskets. Have fun!


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