Arts and Crafts Time Fundraiser

Most kids enjoy being creative, give them something to mold, paint, or draw and before you know it these little maestros of imagination have created masterpieces. Why not funnel all that creativity into making something which can actually be useful to others. Why not host a “Hair Bow and Bolo Fundraiser”.

This fundraiser is one the kids can do during their art time at school. Set aside a few months for making the hair bows and bolos to sell. Give the kids a general guideline to go by, but let their individuality shine forth by allowing them to design and make the items as they’d wear them. These are easy to make and should not be to difficult for the students to do.

Find a website for making hair bows, particularly a site geared especially for young people, so it would be a great reference for making hair bows. Look for many different hair bow patterns to make. Cute pattern ideas for implementing buttons and bottle caps and so much more can be brought into the mix for extra designing power!

Not to leave the boys out, a great idea for them is to make bolo ties. These can be worn for dress up or for fun. You can also find directions online for making simple bolo ties. The great thing about bolo ties is that they can be dressed up with so many cool things. Coins, cool buttons, or pendants are a few suggestions to dress the ties up with.

Since this will be taking place at the school, the art teacher and others, who might volunteer to help, can over see the actual construction of each of these projects so that they will be wearable. The end result is that these pieces will be sold to raise money for the school, so they need to be functional. After a few months of creating it’s time for the “Fundraising” part.

Choose a day when students can be there with their parents and other family members. Send out invitations to the “Arts and Craft Fundraiser” by way of fliers which the students will take home. Give each student five copies of the flier so they can put them in the hands of other family members, like grandparents, aunts and uncles, neighbors and so on.

Be sure to state that the items have been made by the students. These are unique one of a kind items, so it will be on a first come, first serve basis. So all who are interested in purchasing these will need to be there at the time of the fundraiser. This fundraiser can be held in the gym or cafeteria of the school where tables can be placed long ways where the items can be on display from both sides of the table and easy to get to.

The hair bows and bolo ties should be priced fairly. Yes this is one of a kind art, but you want to sell those pieces so price them wisely. You can put up donation boxes through the event for those gifts of kindness people love to contribute to. Not everyone will be a buyer, but many will want to give something, especially knowing that their grandchild, niece, nephew, or friend had a part in making something.

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