$20 Sack Sale Fundraiser

Well, the winds of change are blowing in. Soon it will be time to start putting away all those summer clothes and summer items. I know it’s a drag lugging all those tubs out to store things, but it’s got to be done…unless you want to take advantage of hosting a fundraiser to rid yourself of those outgrown, out dated household things you don’t want anymore.

Let’s call this fundraiser a $20 Dollar sack fundraiser. Call up all your friends, family, and neighbors. Put an ad in the newspaper announcing this event and ask for contributions. This will be a massive garage sale sure to bring in tons of shoppers. Make it a two day weekend event to raise funds for your school.

Here’s how it will work. First, start by collecting items for the garage sale. This means you’ll need to be willing to pick stuff up, if necessary, from contributors. Rope some friends or family into helping round everything up for the garage sale. Also ask if any of the contributors have paper sacks or plastic sacks they’d like to get rid of. This will be a great way to have those sacks on hand and you’ll not need to pay for them.

Now find a location big enough to accommodate this fundraiser. A local fair ground, business with a huge parking lot, neighborhood, community center are a few suggestions. Once you’ve procured the location plan a day to set everything up. You’ll need help with this so seek help from students, teachers, family, the community and so on.

Set up according to items, clothes in one area, household in another, tools, kitchen, outside items. Have several volunteers man each section to help keep stealing down. People can buy more than one bag if they want to, but it will be $20 per bag. They can stuff them till they are bulging. The whole idea is to raise funds for the school, so before you start the garage sale be sure you make it known the proceeds from the fundraiser will be going to the school.

You might consider setting up a different area for large items like dressers, beds, furniture, and so on and price these accordingly. It’s unreasonable to think some would try to stuff these in sacks but you just never know, so make a sign stating “this areas” items are priced as marked.

While the garage sale is going on, you might have up to ten people taking the money from buyers. Have lock boxes which will be kept in the lap of a helper so it’s not easily accessed by others. Have people designated to take money and people designated to count the number of bags people have have.

There might be a lot of chaos with people browsing and kids running around, so don’t panic. Take a deep breath and just do the best you can to keep some order. If you plan this out well in advance and have a specific way of handling it things will run fairly smoothly and you’ll be amazed at how much money you’ll raise for your school.

Just keep people on hand to run for change and more sacks as the day progresses. Reduce your areas as things are sold. While this might be a pain in the long run you’ll have less to do after the fundraiser.

Encourage on the spot money donations by having some donations boxes set upĀ  in different locations. Be sure you assign an adult the job of watching these boxes. Kids are easily distracted, so have an adult do this.

However you go about hosting this fundraiser, have fun. Just think about all those cleaned out closets. Perhaps you could host a Spring 20 Sack garage sale too!


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